Unless you need space? (I do)

I contemplate to write about him. But i thought maybe its healthier for me to share. I cant continuously keeping everything to myself.

He was random. Popped out unexpectedly out of nowhere. Literally brilliant. Unexceptionally successful. I do wonder if he’s human. Or which planet does he come from? His credentials are beyond perfectionism. 

Nevertheless like any other men, he has weaknesses. He too has that little devil playing inside him with his soul. Hungry for (maybe) lust. Ahh afterall he’s human. Definitely.

Unfortunately his limitations drove me away. I had to pick a stand and stick to it. Without looking back. Ignoring my desire. Or kill it! 

I do not want to be the other woman, whilst he knows his partner wouldn’t approve it and the case can be concluded in advance as indefensible. Nobody wants to be in such position. 

Here is a clearer view, how would you feel to have your sister or daughter in my position? 

So the communication went on for a month. Only during working hours as he wouldnt want to be exposed.

To rewind back, early this year i was in rush looking for sponsorship for my professional paper. As i was doing my research, i stumbled across his profile and recalled that he had added me on linkedin. So i messaged him and he hooked me up with the program’s consultant, who was handling the sponsorship program. 

Moving on, he is one of the top management of a local PLC. And i was scared to offend him. But i boldly decided that i need space as he insisted coffee. Decent request? Yes. But i wasnt comfortable.

I guessed i leave it to god. Hoping for the best 😦 i trust i did the right thing. And communication has been aborted since then. 

What i am certain for sure, i want to be accessible to someone 24/7 and not at his convenient. I dont like grey zone. It makes me nervous.

Although my decision was unexpected to him. I must thank him for respecting it.

Until today, i am still trying to understand his context of being a person falling under the subcategory 2. 

P/s: resistance is futile