I wanted to share the news with someone ao badly but I was afraid to be perceived as bragging. People who listen normally tend to judge rather than just being happy or console you that everything will be fine.


Brag Bird

No women in this world would brag about their failed encounters. Sometimes it was brought up just because we need to vent out the frustration. Depending on how others interpret them. However those who view others pessimitically will always translate the whole idea negatively. Some would patiently listen and forget them.

Worries Why?

I am worrying but don’t know why. I like to go to my dad whenever I have this unexplainable worries. Could I be worrying about the exam? Or is it the project? Or family matters?
Sometimes isolating myself helps me from saying things that i do not mean or doing things that i would late on regrets.
I hope everything will be fine.

Poverty Exposed

A close friend of mine who is now attached to the government, informed me that the poverty income level in a state located in the northern of Malaysia to be around RM350 per month or less. I was taken aback. And here am I complaining about my bonus, increment etc to be spent on unnecessary things. She added further that surprisingly these people are still happy n very grateful.
I wonder what happened to simple life? Why are we stretching ourselves beyond our capacity and limit? Why do we mess around with our happiness for things we couldnt afford or rather for our wants than needs?


My plans from now onwards to avoid any temptations in the form of men and food. Well, food my be challenging. Need to be mentally strong. To exercise and scrub more frequent. I intend to scrub myself 3 times a week and to apply mask on the similar frequency.
When i am bored, i shall workout. Next, i need to look for a good hair and facial products. Aha 2014 seems like a busy year 😛

Sunday Food For Thought

Ive learned a few lessons:
– dont go out with a guy just because you are bored;
– dont hang out with people who would pull you down. Surround yourself with those who motivate and lift you up higher;
– trying your best has its limits. When people frequently brought up how much they enjoyed the companion of their exes. Then leave them with their thoughts and find someone who would value your companionship;
– have faith in God and let go of old memories.

P/s: i trust that this year will be awesome.