Slow Killer

I tried to refrain myself from exchanging a lot of communication with him. Therefore i decided to replies with ok, hmmm, thanks, alright or 😊 . Well, i have to slowly distant myself and get used to it. He is unreal.



Reality slapped me on the face today. Somebody commented at my friend’s instagram that i am fat. Ouch! My moment of fame. I dont know how celebrity handles all the trashy remarks on them. Whatever it is, i am not going to dwell over the comment. It’s ok. I will try to lose weight.

The Virgin Story

I love being playful. Cautiously playful. I have no idea what my medication has done to me. But i become hyper, chirpy and playful. Is thay the real me? Or are they unraveling my alter-ego.

So when he texted, i purposely asked if he was a virgin til he got married. The answer was a “yes”. And before he even had the chance to ask me back. I jockingly informed him not to take the question seriously. But he told me that he enjoyed it. Creepy…


I counted my tablets. I doubt that they would last til my next appointment. It makes me bit anxious. Nevertheless my doctor texted me out of the blue, asking about my next apppointment. Hmmmm he seems to have some telepathy connection with his patient. 


I went for an interview today. For the first time after so long, i felt so nervous. I must have wanted it so badly and i have to admit it after knowing that it is a new unit being formed within the department.

I have no idea what my chances are. I saw the candidate before me was pretty convincing and experienced. 

I just hope for the best. If it meant for me, it will not missed me.