Weeks prior to my trip to Turkey, I decided to clean up my list of acquiantances. I left several group chats and blocked a long list of contacts. I just wanted a peaceful life. Make new friends and contacts. Leave my old troublesome chaotic life behind. Some took it personally and some were startled.

I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. But all i wanted is real true friends. Friends who would stick to you through ups and downs. Laugh and cry with you. Motivate and support you.

Two days ago, a former fellow colleague of mine forwarded an article about my former boss. I wasn’t surprise at all to be frank. Whenever he got appointed as a chairman, nasty news will be reported on him. But what truly got into our attention mainly, i guessed, was his list of female acquaintances. I felt sorry to one of them indeed, as she was quoted of getting a job through him and her linked with him was questioned when she had actually worked for him for a year. They even posted her photo. How nasty can it be? As far as i know, she is well qualified and had served several GLCs prior to joining my former boss. It was definitely a huge lie and bias in reporting.

But it was a blessings in diaguise as I dissociated myself from controversial figures in advance. Alhamdullillah, i am grateful to god for protecting me from anything that can be unhealthy and dangerous to myself in all aspects.