Matter Of Heart

The problem with our heart is that we normally want the love that we can’t have.

As expected, but I forgive’em..

The journey of moving on will be smoother when we forgive them rather than clinging to the anger and frustration.

So forgive and sleep.


Mine Is F. What’s Yours?

Apex and I chatted over dinner and he pointed out that I have the tendency to attract men starting with ‘F’, which I have never noticed that.

He said whenever I mention names to him, he gets a little confuse because all of them begins with ‘F’. So we started to list down the names and daaaaang! he hit the jackpot.

So we found the pattern and it’s F!


Facts-based Assumptions

With technologies, communication supposes to be simpler.

What happen in reality, especially between a man and a woman, it eventually becomes a basis to conclude assumptions. Or better we call it ‘Fact-based assumptions’.

My conversation with S found that in those days, when the mode of communication was limited. We draw assumptions based on our own perception.

Nowadays, let’s take an example Whatsapp..

I texted him at 10am..

11am no reply

12 noon no reply

1 noon still nothing

2 noon I checked his last seen status at shortly before 2 noon..

So why hasn’t he reply? If he could be online shortly before 2 noon, which means he has seen and read my message.

Hence, the assumptions that I will be making would be purely based on the above situation.


another situation we discussed,

I texted him at 10am

11 am quiet

12 noon nothing

So I log in Facebook and he just liked a picture and commented on a status.

If he was busy, how could he has time for all these nonsense, yet put me in the waiting list to be responded.

You, me and technologies.


Reluctant Fundamentalist

When things didn’t happen the way I want, I categorise it as a form of injustice. My context of injustice being translated in to materials, monetary and brand. Very shallow.

There are indeed people in many parts of this world experienced injustice. They have been mistreated because of their physical appearance, name, spiritual belief and it became more prominent since 9/11. Worst, when you have nowhere to go and to keep up with the perception and false accusation. Political paranoia.

Tonight’s movie, the Reluctant Fundamentalist, portrays life of a Pakistani guy during pre- and post-9/11 event. How it changes his life and most fundamental idea on the country.

The interview between Zanges Khan and the American reporter begins with – “Looks can be deceiving”, sounds very much like what I would tell others.




How can we miss and hate someone simultaneously…

Do we first hate them and came to realise that we miss them.


Do we miss them, followed by hating them.

My girlfriend said in both situation, they appear to be similar.

I view them differently.

They are indeed to be distinguished between evolving and fading love.