Plan B

As my dad confirmed that we will not be going to Mecca. I worked on Travel Plan B. Thus far, it has been keeping me occupied which includes:

  • Researching on places of attraction and hotels
  • Understanding the values of these places
  • Looking for these places in Google Map
  • Figuring out number of days and nights to be spending at each location
  • Reading reviews on Trip Advisor, which i must say really helpful in prioritising visits to the main attraction areas
  • Refining the trip plan
  • Contacting tour guides on packages

Yes, i am a well-structured person and i like my itinerary to be well-planned so that i could dispose my worries away while travelling and enjoy sight-seeing.


From distant

I watched them from far then left. They seemed content. I thought best for me to leave and not to burn myself with anger and frustration. 

They refer to my dad, stepmom and stepsister.

Law of attraction

It is irony how you act as a love doctor to your friends, teaching them how to attract the man they want and they did it, whilst here you are – alone and single with zero dates and no prospects.

My advice was based on a dear bestfriend of mine, who was determined to get married regardless the obstacles were. This conversation took place in early 2015. End of 2015 she got engaged and married by August 2016!

So last year, my former schoolmate told me that she’d prefer to go out with foreigners and she had no clue where and how to begin or to find. So i shared with her my bestfriend’s story and advised her to be determined on her intention in attracting what she wants. Weeks later she did it and until today still seeing the German guy.

Now i am experimenting on a former colleague of mine, who is currently head over heels with a colleague of hers. We shall wait and see the outcome 😉

So i on another note need to start applying my own advice to myself.😆

Double one

Zopim has been my sleeping assistant in the last 11 nights. I am restless and out of breathe but i couldnt shut down. Not agitated at all but i am just worn out with life perhaps.

I will have to face my past tomorrow evening. What i am hoping for was only fresh air, fresh faces and inspiration. Making new friends. Taking a break from trying hard but rather to flow with life.


I am a complete lost soul. My dreams are shattered. I wandered around, hopping from one to another and hoping too. I dont know what i was hoping for. I am always anxious and bored. I show lack of interest in various aspect of life lately. 

I am not confused but my life is filled with high level of uncertainties. May i find happiness in whatsoever form i need.