Help! I cant sleep


Termination 2

So it takes some time for the procedure to terminate. I could see that my sister in law was in pain. It kinda come and go thing. Hope everything turns out to be fine. 

I dont fully understand the procedure and i dare not to push my brother to explain it to me since it could be sensitive. What i do know he told me that they have to wait for the baby to come out.

Test from God comes in many form. It made me realised a break up is not that bad afterall.


My SIL was admitted again. 15minutes after i reached my brother’s place, he broke the news. The doctor is going to terminate the pregnancy. I dont know how i feel as i wasnt prepared. I thought once it reaches second trisemester, everything will eventually be fine and safe. I may have been able to digest it if it were to be still in the first trisemester.

Perhaps that is afterall the best for everyone. 

Green eye

I must admit that i envy both my brothers. They ate bold enough to pursue their passion and be extremely good at it. I just saw the commercial clip my kid brother was working on, despite all the criticism he had to face from my dad, i must say i was very proud to see the product of his work.

That (awkwardness)

Since he left, whenever i open my eyes every morning, i felt awkwardly weird and different. All the variables around me has changed except for my family.

My work, my bosses, colleagues, work place, lunch venue, route to and from work. I spent average 8hours a day which accumulates to an average of 40hours in a week at work. 

It feels strange but i am more focus and couldnt be bothered by updates on others. Everything is being kept at professional level. 

I am Eve

Am i bad at making decisions? My thoughts and feelings are not in sync. I explore every options, opportunities and temptations presented to me. If i were Eve i dont know what would God have done to me. But Adam didnt leave her despite her flaws. Instead they eventually find their ways to be together. Fate? Or lesson? Did Eve ever realised her mistakes and dwell over it?