Third Wheel

Being the other woman is a taboo. Nobody talks about it openly. Not even to the closest person in our life. Why? People generally judge. How can we faced the society as the other woman? The answer is simple. We can’t.

Hence, we normally lead a very low profile life. No names mentioned. Always anonymous. Close to invisible. Indeed his existence is also unnoticeable.

We wait for his texts and calls. His timing. His place. No messages at night or weekends.

For 1.5 years i coped with these. But he changed after 2 years. These rules are still in placed, with a slight flexibility.

We choose this path for many reasons. The question is… why did i?

I was in relationship with a bachelor before. Prior to that I was seeing single men too. The issue here can be narrowed down to one – they always play the single card to attract woman.

Givings hope or putting expectations like – i am looking for someone to get married. We are/will move towards that direction (marriage).

After the last break up. I decided not to date til he popped up. He was very clear from the very beginning that he has no intention to marry me. Very much in love with his wife. I accepted. Until now, i was never disappointed at him.

It is important for the other woman to understand where she belongs without being told to. Always in the dark. Looking at other couples and admiring their open affection. But again, will i have that with a single man? I doubt so. In my situation, both will treat me the same. Pessimistic? No. A conclusion drawn through experience.

How did i make it this long? I often asked myself, will it be better with a single guy? No. Then stay as the third wheeler.


Farewell 2017

I gave in to his wants. Spreading my legs to him while bidding farewell to 2017.

But who am i saving myself for? A future partner. Single for 3years. Waited. Behaved. Limiting and consuming myself.

What different does it make with this act of sin. It results in the same outcome. selflessness. Invaluable. I succumb to the fact that or reality that you will only be treated well or to be taken seriously, if only you come from a prominent/privileged background. Nobody wants to be burden with responsibilities. Everybody wants to be associated with the glam and glitz. Easy life.

Acknowledging my guilt to his partner. But not to myself. As i have no value. Living to die. I go through everyday waiting for my moment of death. Accident or sudden chronic health problems. How dramatic can life be?

My life is meaningless. Carrying little weight to anyone and everyone. My presence doesn’t impact much. Hence my abscence will not be felt. I am just an air molecule.

I am a whore, bitch, slut. Whatever names that u can call a woman with eroding morality like me.

I am used to being laughed at, downgraded and insulted. Being pushed to the corner, stepped over and stripped naked. Never the first option or top any priority list. Always the fall back plan. Yet still happy to always accompany others. As i understand how it feels to be left alone and lonely. To search for a companionship. Hence i will always be there for whom ever that will need it. Regardless of how i am being treated. Not complaining but just sharing.

He, has a sterling reputation, a smooth sailing solid career, a loving and wonderful family. A depiction of a perfect life. Any men could envy and would want to switch their role with.

The opposite of me. Still/always trying and never made it.

He taught me to control my emotions. Not to react to anything. As much as he considered me as the spur of the moment and my non existence in his reality. He did skip his 4hours meeting just to serve his personal wishes. Then rushed off to dinner with his in laws. Well men get away with anything. A woman like me floats.

Who am i to demand for his presence. I’d disappear when his fantasies change. Sooner or later. I am just a phase in his life or in everyone’s life. Never permanent.