I dont feel quite myself lately. Lack of enthusiasm. I dont really enjoy my work surrounding. Losing my motivation indeed. Going with the flow like a deas fish.

To speak up would be too radical


Marco Polo

I never thought chinese/mongols history and arts could ever get my attention, not til I watched netflix’s series – Marco Polo. The chinese dance was graceful and kungfu in the series was on point. I must say i like it more than games of thrones. You learned something about the mongol’s history along the way although they may have been tapered. Element of political games just like game of thrones but not too messy. Nicely plotted. I lookforward to season 3😃

what a waste

Urgh just wasted 6 hours watching series called – the night of. About a pakistani guy who had a one night stand, wokeup and found that she was dead. Interesting at some point, slight panic but can be way too slurry.

I need to stop dating all these series and start living.


I miss my late landlady back in bremerhaven, germany. A very attentive and caring lady. Cheerful and flamboyant. She always cook fish meal on Thursday because that was when she could get fresh fish from her usual market place. Sometimes, she got me cans of rootbeer from the nearby american base camp. You can’t find rootbeer in germany other than at the base camp and walmart. Oh i used to buy them online though. How rare and precious is rootbeer in germany.

May her soul rest in peace. 

Polygamy is ‘IN’

Just got the news about a friend of mine getting divorce. So I was wondering with all the infidelity cases, maybe polygamy is really making a breakthrough in our era. Hear me – the concept of monogamous is irrelevant. Everyone flirts with someone, whether you are single, somebody’s girlfriend/boyfriends/fiancee/husband/wife. We shall all learn to embrace the concept of polygamy. May not be the polygamy promote by Islam but just a term to describe ones will not dedicate their mind, heart and soul to one person anymore. Life presents us with variety of options and choices.

Narcos Obsession

Narcos got me. The series definitely rock my boat. So in love with the story line. Can’t help googling all the names mentioned in the series to verify the information. Watching narcos is more than just a source of entertainment. You eventually pick up here n then on the history of Colombia, the important figures in the country like President Cesar Gaviria, the government bilateral relationship with the US and life as a DEA including insights on Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent who was abducted, tortured and murdered by the Mexican narco.

Not forgetting the appearance of volcanic hot actor Juan Pablo Raba, Maurice Compte and Raul Mendez. My heart just melts 😍🔥💗💋💖