Charmer the banker got his nick because he is obviously charming. Dangerously charming. But he couldn’t contained it. Hence, it becomes significantly obvious. 

If I were to be the old me, I would have grabbed the free meal presented to me by god, which was Charmer. God is testing me with my weaknesses, Alpha man – one of it.

But perhaps I am more focus at making myself happy. Protecting my energy and level of zen. And i am also aware that I am too old for sinful excitement. I chose to avoid him – tough decision but I did. 

He was irresistable. I didn’t realise that when I first saw him. But the 2nd meeting, he smiled and i thought – oh dear, that could melt any woman’s heart. 

May he find happiness and joy in his life Charmer the banker. 


End of him

No i shall abandon him. He is hostile n hot-tempered. Too reactive. He seems upset over his life. I need someone who is calm.

Goodbye to him.