Sometimes we need to be brave enough to walk away from those who doesn’t appreciate us. Then have the courage to continue living without looking back.


The Road Not Taken – Options

I almost forgot about this page, where i normally scribble my thoughts n feelings, events and incidents in life. 

Golfy texted me yesterday, he dreamt of me. I wasnt surprised but only curious. He wished things could have been different if it wasnt for our human nature in being indecisive.

I thougt perhaps indecisiveness arises when we have too many options. I do think having options would help us in making better decision but now i realized that we may not be able to gain anything out of it. Those with no or least option(s) will work on keeping what they have. However, those with too many options will eventually opt for more options.

I don’t know how relationship works. Whether its fated or something that we need to put certain level of effort in order to be in one. 

P/s: i named this post after my favourite poem written by robert frost. My all time favourite. It will come to a point in our life we started reflecting on our decisions and wonder what if we would have chosen a different route. What it could have been? Trust me what we have now is the best for us. A lot of my decisions lead to mixed consequences. Some i must say devastating and painful. Nevertheless it never fails to teach us valuable lessons, which we strive to improve on who we are, what we do and how we would do it.