My version of eat, pray, love – the mystical city of Konya

In my previous post, i wrote about my trip in Cappadocia for 4days and 3nights. Then, departed for 4hours bus ride to Konya.

Konya is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Speaking of Konya, ones would often relates it Rumi, the famous muslim sufist, philosophist and poet. His works are regarded as the best selling literature work in America. Rumi is also the founder of the Mevlana Order in the teaching of sufism.

As i reached Konya Bus Terminal, i looked for the left luggage area. It is right near to platform 31. It costed me 10 turkish lira to store a small luggage for 12 hours. The. I was directed to the bus stop to take the dolmus (minibus) to the city centre. And reality immediate hits me hard on myself. Majority of the locals in Konya couldn’t speak English. As i was asking the dolmus’ driver, a local guided me to tale which dolmus and where to stop. I am very grateful for that. I hopped out at a park near to Allaaddin Hill. I love how spacious the park is and people were chilling there. 

I walked to the Mevlana Museum. My love for Rumi was the only reason i made a stop at Konya. The museum is free to the public. Rumi tomb was huge. I didnt expect that. I saw people were praying and praising him to God.

There is a famous mosque adjacent to the Mevlana Museum, built diring the Seljuk empire. Owh not to forget that Konya was the capital of Seljuk empire many hundred years ago.

I wanted to visit the tomb of Shems Tabriz, the guru to Rumi. Unfortunately the location was secluded and i dared not to walk alone.

Konya is indeed a conservative city buy modern. 85% of the women wear headscarf. I didn’t overnight in Konya. Later on I found out how to purchase the e-kart to take the tram back to the bus terminal. E-kart can be purchased from El-kart kiosks located near all tram stations. The card will cost you 1 turkish lira, then u have to topped up whatever amount you required to take the tram.

I reached the bus terminal around 7ish pm. My bus to the next destination will arrive at 11:59pm. I spent the rest of my day at the bus terminal. 

You only need to spend about 3-4 hours in Konya and if you are not a keen fan of Rumi or Sufism, there is no need to come to Konya. 

To be continued on the next city…


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