My version of eat, pray, love – the healing city of Pamukkale

I reached Denizli early morning and took a dolmus (minibus) to Pamukkale. Pamukkale is a very small town, famous for the thermal hot spring and the unesco world heritage site – hierapolis. Hierapolis is an ancient greek-roman (bathing) city. 

I didn’t take any guide here. So i had to walk to the entranceof hierapolis. There are 3 entrances – north gate, south gate and the travertine gate. I entered through the travertine as that was the nearest to my hotel and climbed up the rich in calcium heel. In the noon, i saw many tourist actually bathing at the travertine and also the cleopatra thermal pool in hierapolis. The is a huge amphitheatre that as you reach up of the theatre, you could get a view of the whole ancient town and city of Pamukkale.

Since Pamukkale is a small town, choices of food are limited and expensive. I got bored with Pamukkale after 3hours. I didnt bring my bathing suit so i couldnt dip in the hot spring pool. And i have checked-in for a night. Therefore, i spent the rest of the day reading the alchemist.

A half day trip to Pamukkale should be enough. There is nothing much to see in Hierapolis. Or maybe you could just leave Pamukkale out of your itinerary. Owh the town is also famous for paragliding activity but I didn’t ask how much.

To be continued on the next city…


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