My version of eat, pray, love – captivating cappadocia

Turkey has been wonderful. I am glad that the trip went smoothly and most importantly safe. Very minor hiccups, i think just in konya.
I was prepared for the long walk. A lot of walking especially since i was on budget. Thus, i will be relying on public transportation and walking. What i didn’t expect was the climbing and hiking. Yet i enjoyed it. I thought i would be gaining weight. However, seems like i became fitter throughout my stay in Turkey. I eat lesser surprisingly. I hardly feel hungry, contrary to when i am at Malaysia. People in Turkey definitely doesn’t need gym. Being a tour guide itself, makes you walk a lot.

Turkey was my first solo trip. I left my job and needed fresh air. My trip offficially started at Cappadocia. Such a captivating city. Formed by tuss and volcanic ashes. You get to see a lot of interesting natural formations. Cave houses which now mostly have been converted to hotels, cave churches and monasteries.

I spent 4d3n in Cappadocia, which is more than enough. 

Day 1 – I arrived day 1 around 2pm at Kayseri Airport. It took about an hour by car to reach Goreme, Cappadocia from the airport. Upon arrival, i spent the day at the hotel. Exhausted from the long hour flight with 2 transits in Singapore and Istanbul. What i realised on first day – food was expensive. Maybe if i had a partner, i could share since the portion was huge.

Day 2 – I already knew my itinerary in Cappadocia as i got my hotel to arrange for the tour prior to my arrival. I joined the green tour in day 2, which include, amongst others, panorama view of goreme,Derinkuyu underground city (highlight of the trip), selime monastery, ihlara valley and pigeon valley, onyx making demonstration. Some of the places are 1hr drive from goreme, so i think it was worth it to take the tour that also include transport, english-speaking guide, entrance fees and lunch. The guide picked me at at 930am and sent me back to my hotel at 6pm. Derinkuyu Underground City was thrilling. It is the deepest underground city in Cappadocia with 85m depth. About 13 storeys but visitors can only go down to max level 8. The place was dark at certain corners and mysterious with narrow passageway. You will have to bend 90 degree at some areas or squats. The underground city indeed a temporary shelter to the ancient civilisations like hittities and orthodox christians. Selime monastery will test your climbing skills and it was a long walk at ihlara valley with serene surroundings. I was told by my guide that the local traditional cuisine is pottery kebap. Since i didn’t want to burst my budget, i had instant noodle and bread in my room.

Day 3 – My red tour began, covering goreme open air museum, pasabag (mushroom shaped stone formation), devrent valley (animal shaped stone formation), abandoned greek village and ceramic making demonstration. This tour was shorter. It ended at 4ish pm. Most of the places werewithin close distance. Indeed you could actually walk to places like goreme open air if you stay in Goreme. After the tour, i walked up to the sunset point in goreme to watch the sunset view.

Day 4 – i managed to catch a glimpse of the hot air balloons. The tour normally starts as early as 4am. I didnt try it because the price was a bit on the high side ranging from 80-175 euro, depending on the type of tour. Moreover, i doubt i could get up that early. I checked out at 9am and walked to the bus station for my bus ride to the next destination.

I truly enjoyed my stay here with all the activities. I’d highly recommend taking the green tour. If you are working on really tight budget or timing, just lose out the red tour as you can visit the goreme open air museum on your own. However, during the greentour, you have already seen cave church and monastery.

To be continued on my next destination…


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