Giving up vs. letting go

I wonder why women choose to stay in a relationship that they admitted not to be contend about and hurting them. Why? Kids? And some of these got no kids? So why?

Why don’t we focus on our internal peace and radiating happiness. Why do we choose to constantly complains yet no action taken to resolve the issues?

Here is where we need to decide wisely? Leaving a man is not a trait of giving up! We need to have limits in life. Once we have exerted all the efforts to change the situation and yet to no avail. My dear, it is time to let go and move on. This is what we call – self-respect. Not allowing them to take us for granted. Focus on what makes us happy like shopping, travelling, cooking and many more! 

Why waste it on sappy life? It is who we are who decides the condition of our life. Doesn’t matter what people got tot say because they will always have something to say. 


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