Master Jack

It hit me now at 4.11am that my 2 years and 26 days experience have no value. I do not have any ‘so-called’ unique personal selling point or tangible skill sets. I am struggling to go to interview since I do not have anything to offer. Empty.

I have no intention to continue being in the ruthless world of consulting. Now i understood well why my dad never favor consulting job. Too harsh. You either survive by thriving or being used/manipulate. Trust noone in the consulting environment. Not even your own boss. They only come to you if they need you for a specific purpose and agenda. Else you will get side line and while watching your peers progressing, in this context – progressing in terms of skill sets and job exposure. You typically get stereotype of doing certain things and rarely being given the opportunity what other does. A well-network environment, where you are surrounded by the rich of richest. 

I have been in many work places and came to conclusion that bullying in consulting is the worst. Psychological bully. I hope my kids/nieces/nephews never choose this as their career. A surrounding which is lack of warmth and humility.

P/s: i am the jack of all trade and master of nothing.


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