Ghost from the past

Captain B messages me on Facebook today. Accusing me of i dont know and i dont understand. Something like what i did with his friend. From what he heard from another friend. 

I wanted to reply but i didnt. I have nothing to deny nor i owe him any explanations. All i can say i didnt do what he accused me of. And i shall let God do the rests. 

If i have wronged him, i shall bear the consequences. Otherwise, he will always find me back out of his guilt and his friends will always look for my fault out of their guilt.

I am surprised by how people made up stories to destroy your reputation. And i pray to god to always protect me from all these.

It has been 2 years I ignored Captain B. It was his decision not to be in relationship with me. He gave me hopes. Leave and came back and leave and came back and i decided to move on. 

He will never find me in other women.


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