Three is too much

Adding 3 more failed proposals in my list. One is hard enough to accept and today 3. All of them to the same entities. Like what did we do wrong? What was wrong? How could we do better? Is it the methodology or the pricing?

With that i asked my doctor if i could increase from 1 to 2 pink xanax. He gave his consent with a condition not to prolong. I don’t know what is the problem, i just couldn’t sleep. Or is it just the way i deal with things. Ignoring the issues as much as I can. Or just avoiding the pain of thinking through it. Pretending like it never or nothing ever happened.

And what is the lesson? I mean with the proposal? I am sad on how conventional we are handling all these. Urgh there goes my potential projects, potential skill sets down the drain. Farewell


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