On trust: it’s hard to find people that you can trust. You just need to have faith and hold firm by your values.

On friendship: too many acquintances but none are real in being friends. We hang out but we are not friends.

On beauty: there will always be younger prettier smarter richer people. So what do you have to offer? Look within yourself and start to do things your ways. Appreciate what you have and value the little gestures. Always be kind.

On love: like wealth, it could be luck and hardwork. Mutual understanding. Be happy with yourself.

On health: watchout what you eat. Restraining from splurging on shopping is a lot easier than eating junks. Being consistent in study and work seems simpler than sweating.

On life: if we choose to die, we may not have the chances to correct our mistakes, to rise from failure, to try again and again. All is dead.


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