Best drug store skin care

I just have to share my 1 week experience for being religiously applying the facial product from Bio Essence, the Tanaka White Double Whitening range.

I bought the trial set since i was afraid that if the product may not be compatible with my hyper-sensitive skin. It initially started with my intention to get a good facial cleanser, but i thought hey why not i just try the whole set.

I could sum up my experience using the product for 1 week with one word – incredible! Certainly eliminates my sceptical perception on drug store skin care.

The cream cleanser does not cause any irritation or burning effect. The toner clarifies well. My skin looks fresher. I think the serum works well in lightening spots. I have scars from my eczema and now the appearance has been significantly reduced. Ive been massaging my face when applying the serum and moisturiser, surprisingly, i noticed that the smiling lines are now less visible too.

I have never been so satisfied as my skin looks way brighter and more radiant. Will definitely get the full size set. I think they are the best drug store purchases i have made for skin care so far.


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