Ears & Eyes

Dear Melati,

Eid Mubarak. I am in a war with my ownself. Tiring. But i found out my emotions turned up to be my worst enemy. I have expectations that many times i looked beyond flaw. I struggled to accept imperfection. It will be a long journey. 

People viewed my life as a joke. I moved from one job to another. My last job, i was the ears and the eyes to the 2nd most important person in the administration. It was rough. Too rough that it scarred me so much. 

I am beginning to question the purpose of life. I dont know what have i been trying to attain. As i ended no where. Nothing close. 

Perhaps my last position was a mistake but it could have also been a blessing. I dont know.

But at least i tried. I failed. And i gather the strength and courage to rebuild myself.


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