I know

When i glanced back at my past, the last 3years, i think god might be doing some spring cleaning to me. He eliminates every element that is emotionally torturing me, as much as i tried to pursue life with much optimism.

Maybe it is best for him to leave and also best for me to leave the bank so that i dont have to be reminded about my mistakes with Big. Being surrounded by people who are connected to Big, makes it challenging for me to flush away the years of humiliation i had to go through. Best for me not to even being kept abreast on any recent development.

I was attracted for the wrong purpose. And experienced the most painful consequences.

Everybody said i dont know what i want. I am confused and so forth. It’s ok. Cos i do knw now it is time to settle down for good. I know i want to find someone who does not condone to the idea of moving on and looking to settledown without having any second, third (and the counting goes on) thoughts.


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