New neu

Alhamdulillah i am calmer now although i woke up this morning feeling devastated. But i realized what’s past and gone shall be gone forever. Old things fall apart in order for new things to be unraveled. 

New things could be in many forms. But i do believe, one of it to be myself as i am learning and improving. I have more time for myself now. No worries of being cheated or someday to be heartbroken since it has passed. 

I could sleep as long as iwant on the weekend without the fear of being judge. Wake up and decide what to do. Either gym or off to visit my niece. Then i come home, clean the room and stay indoor doing what ever i want. I could choose not to go out at all and not spending a cent. More goes to savings. 

We cry, we whine, we mourn. Then rationalised and strive in becoming a better individual 😊

Be patience, have faith and be kind. 


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