I dont feel like….

I dont feel like talking or seeing anyone and dont feel well too. Could be fever or maybe mild migrain.

I read Golfy’s whatsapp message yesterday and it made me think, i will not go out with anyone yet. Hence, Golfy didn’t know what he wants. I think he just grab what ever available and free without understanding what he’s looking for. Of course, he has been funny but i must admit that his family is the kindest i have ever met. Zah will be back on 15th, i just cant wait for coffee session with her. Zah is lovely, she’s like a big sister. I love her.

His invitation to London was i must say very generous. But i just couldnt. I couldnt afford to go through another cycle of frustration every year.  I could be stupid but i do know i need to love myself more and look after my own feelinngs.

I do wonder what God is up to or maybe it is just us human making repetitive mistakes. Yet i have never given up on myself. I learned and slowly improved. 😔 (perhaps too slow that people couldnt wait)

Mantra of the week: stay strong and have faith (always)


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