A Doll In The City

I went out for night outing with capt b n out of the blue we discussed about us. I have been avoiding the topic as i know it would be frustrating. Hence i am sick and tired of people treating me like an object. At least if you are not capable to look after my feeling then dont try to repeat doing the same thing over and over again. Everyone deserves to be happy and respected.
He denied what he did. When he was the one decided not to proceed with us as he feels like i dont fit in his criteria. And that happened after 6months of waiting. He talked about my personal life as if he knows what was going on when the truth is my happiness now was solely because of how i change doing certain things.
I was a bit mad but i held myself back. I told myself that there was nothing to be mad about since he knows nothing about me. The hard times he gave me and i had to go through. To re-install my trust, hopes and faith.
He said i have moved on with a new person. Reality is yes i moved on but just with myself. Maybe the new me. When he said he missed me and he wanted me, i wanted to reciprocate but i was too afraid to do so. Ive done that and it was detrimental to myself. He left and crushed me. He is just too risky and i am tired of the uncertainties.
At my age, i just want a person i could focus on and grow together. I am no longer interested with other factors such as status and so on. I believe it is vital to enter into a relationship with a clean intention. I want a simple relationship with less tension and all. I am tired hearing to excuses and flaws. Nobody is perfect in this world. Being a true scorpio, this time it is either all or nothing. Dont expect me to be there for you when you are only fooling around with my feelings and showering women with false hopes. I may not be the fairest or wealthiest of them all but when i have decided to enter into a transaction, my love and loyalty shall remain.


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