My Heart Wants To Go Home

As much as i tried not to speak about my engagement but i had to admit that it was a turning point in my life when everything changed. I wasnt certain now whether it was a blessing or mistake. Until now i concluded it as messy since my parents have separated, i dont seem to experience any sense of belonging to anyone.
I like staying my mom but she wasnt happy having me around. Dad is way too far. Far from everyone. Yes friends are important to me since all of my family member have found a new love in their new love. Not that they didnt care. They do. But i wasnt comfortable parasiting around for comfort and love. Three is a crowd.
Hating the fact that i always turned up being the third person.
So being with friends, where i feel needed and visible.
I hope any parents out there wouldnt take their kids for granted. When you are married with kids. The life you live is no longer all about you and yout feelings but it also include the kids. They too have feelings and they are very much emotionally dependent on their parents. There are many people out there who wish to have kids of their own or family. Sincerity in raising kids is vital. The way they behave and react at the end of the day convey so much information about the environment they were exposed. Where else if not ultinately home where our heart belongs.


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