Destructive Comparison

I was reflecting and comparing.
Comparison can be destructive to ones happiness.
Everyone has their own path. We cant walk on their path and neither can they do similar to ours.
Thinking of it. I am empty. Nothing and zero.
My career just began to flourish. Alhamdulillah and i am indeed very grateful to god. Better to start somewhere and have something than nothing. But my peers are far ahead. I may not be able to catch up with them but all i could be is a better person than yesterday.
I have zero relationship. No companion and kids. Its an empty life. Again i questioned the purpose of life. Whay good does it serves us?


2 thoughts on “Destructive Comparison

  1. Oh you are so correct! Forget that comparison stuff. The professor always likes to think on this: A heart at peace gives life to the body; but envy rots the bones. Be happy & a little Punchyish too okay?

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