The Forty Rules Of Love

I do not know when did I learn about Rumi. But it must have been by coincidence. And I fell in love.

Apparently my list of failed encounters to love has brought me to a deeper and intense journey of self-discovery. The true meaning of love and connection. Never in my life, have I thought that I would be giving so much attention on feeding my soul and straightening my path, as straight as a ruler perhaps.

I didn’t know where to start with Rumi, so I stumbled upon a novel written by a Turkish author, Elif Safak, called The Forty Rules Of Love. It’s addictive like cocaine. Couldn’t stop reading it. I couldn’t compare this with her international bestselling novel since I have not set my eye on that but for sure what I’m reading now is fireworks.

Or maybe I have a thing for novels that relates and blends history and the present. Traveling back to the past, learning about their faith/beliefs and culture, as such connecting them to our life. Just like my obsession with The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and the jewish author, Mitch Albom. History/Culture and Religion/Spiritual/Faith.




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