Month 1 – January

I wokeup from a dream. Texted E to tell about my dream. One month and i dreamt him. I asked E if he was thinking of me too? She politely replied that he could have. Decided to go back to sleep, hoping to continue with my dream not until 5 mins later, i received a call.

The name appeared on my screen seems familiar. And it was him. I didnt know why did i answer the phone and agreed to visit a friend of his, who was warded. Courtesy. Do good to others, good come to you in many forms.

I observed him. Ring – something new. Could have been new year resolution. I continued to observe. The day was warm and heaty. One mojito, two mojito. Was i being judgemental? No. But i keep on wondering how did i allow myself to sink so low to this person.

Or why?

He acted as if nothing ever happened or like he has not done anything, not wronnbut hurtful. I supposed this is how i should be responding too. Ignore my feelings and focus on professionalism. Or being superficial. Taking advantage on others. Manipulate situations for own benefits.

I believe this must be part of the survival kit which i am still an amateur. Pratic3 makes perfect my dear.


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