Describing In No Words

I do not know how to describe my feeling.

I refused to meet anyone other than related to family and work matters. Didnt want to talk about what had already happened. We can never change the past. Regrets are beneficial only if we learn something from it and not to ponder on the thoughts for too long.

It is never too late to change and try doing things against our usual habit in order to gain different results and outcom3. Keep on trying and support our actions by keepimg our faith high. At the end of the day, He decides if something was meant for us or otherwise.

Life has been quiet. I didnt miss anyone. I couldnt cry as from the beginning it was partly my fault. My inability to avoid temptations. How did i fall for the bait?

I assumed that the search for true love ends here. Sad? Definitely. Like i said no words could d3scrib3 it. Other than connectimg myself to th3 Creator. Maybe He understands better.

When lov3 fails us, do we live only to survive. Again i wonder, what is the purpose of life?

P/s: f*** grammar and all.


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