Dysfunctional Thought

The thought of my family had conquered my mind in the last few days. I wonder how long more do i need to protest against my parents’ action since it doesn’t change anything. Nothing can be undone.

I wonder what went on their mind when the marriage couldn’t be saved. How do they truly felt about that. The divorce without doubt had caused a lot of damage to each an every individual of our family member.

It got worst when my mom re-married. We all felt like we have nobody to turn to. Like all our hopes have b3en tarnished and our world collapsed. The relationship among our siblings transformed since then. Not in a good way. Very intense and emotional indeed.

Everybody gets sensitive over little things. Some issues have been manipulate for one own benefit.

I thinj my mom changed since her first separation with my dad. From that moment, we lost her not physically but spiritually and emotionally. She was too engrossed with some weird ideas that i often felt like she had neglected her duty as a mom to us maybe 17 years ago. She became overly aggressive and vocal. Refused to listen to anyone includin her parents. It got even critical when she re-married. We hardly get our relatives visiting us. She didn’t even care anymore on what we do. Yes we have all grown up. But would be good for parents to show some interest in their childrens’ life.

I missed those days. A lot. At times i hope, they would have aborted us.


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