Past Analysis

I shall get sufficient rest to work, exercise and study. Otherwise all 3 would collapsed. Am i getting the running bug or have i been reflecting too much on my past. Past that noone could change.

As much as i thought that a new job may be unnecessary, i recalled why have i been looking out. Mainly due to personal reasons. Moving on. Getting out the circle. Inhaling fresh air again. Not to be reminded of what had happened. The humialiation i had to go through. Pretending i was all fine. Crafting fake smiles.

Holy moly..
It’s 4am..
Both eyes are still wide open.
3 hours to go before 45min driving to my favorite town.
Followed by 3-4hours meeting.
The danger normally occurs on my way back.
Sometimes i couldn’t help myself but to sleep..
The journey at this point somehow feels longer than usual.

Gona try to doze off and to get up early for brekkie at the usual mamak at client’s office. Couldn’t resist the teh ais. The rests are all fattening and oily 🙂 how i wish sandwiches are priced lower than roti canai.


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