Lucky Number 15

My biological clock seems screwed up lately. I am tired but failed to shutdown.

Was a productive day in terms of work, relationship, health and prospect. Killed so many birds with one stone. Maybe 15 supposed to be one of the day, which I get lucky 🙂

Work is work. Never ends. Need to improve on my attention-span.

Relationship refers to colleagues, clients and family. Visited my brother after running. I happened to take the wrong turn. Ended in a different route which was close by to him. Dropped by his place for awhile to check out on how my little niece is doing. Healthy, happy and playful. Good. That is how our little ones should be.

Oh had a call for an interview during meeting. Looking out but slowing down since I have been very busy. Nevertheless, one of my boss always advise us to keep our options open. No harm exploring potential opportunities. At my age now, I like to take my time instead of randomly grab any chances I could. It is important to find the strategic fit between both parties, myself and the new company.



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