Resolution Progress

Still trying to sleep.

On my resolution:

1) on the waiting list for swimming class.
2) salsa never get back to me but i will be attending a different dance class next tuesday.
3) decided to run for a cause and my cause would be tied up to anything related to women. Already registered and been quite consistent with my training program.
4) still struggle to sleep early, to kill my narcissm addiction for social media and to fix my relationship with mom and dad. Oh and to eat healthy. U can never eat healthy if a plate of roti canai and 1 teh tarik cost you only rm3! Dirt cheap!
5) slight improvement in the consistency towards my faith.

I used to think that resolution was nonsense but having a set of goals throughout the year helps me focus and ignore unnecessary noices and distraction. I must fix the way i am connecting with my parents since it has been affecting my emotions and thoughts so much. Pray for the best.

P/S next 2weeks going to be crazy, hectic, suspense, nervous mix with slight excitement


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