Dirty Laundry Of An Ex

Trying to sleep..

Met my ex fiancee for dinner yesterday after a year. He didn’t know that i knew he’s seeing someone or in other word in a s3rious relationship. I just needed to prove that what i have suspected during our relationship was true. I wasn’t just being paranoid. Does it matter? Yes atleast i know it was worth walking out off the relationship. And yes especially the fact his family (obviously) defended him and put the blame on me.

I caught him. Wanted to laugh indeed with him being pretentiously single. He actually had the guts to ask me again as always whenever we meet up if i would want to marry him, while he is in fact in a relationship. Marriage could be a subject of humor to him (maybe).

I keep on wondering. Why do men do that? Why can’t they just comeout clean and honest? Even if it was meant to be a joke, u shouldn’t just act like u are not in a r3lationship.

How can i not being paranoid? And how could i even trust anyone since my instinct was proven to be right.

Maybe i am still mad at him? Not because we didnt get married but because the decisiom i made to return to this country since we were supposed to be getting married. The fact that i gave up the opportunities i could have and explore in Germany and EU.

P/S mossies are annoying


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