Employment Lag

I have a habit of monitoring the job market. Just in case you never know, there could be opportunities that I could explore. I am glad at my age now, I have found the area that I am passionate about and extremely happy with my job. This includes my work environment and the people. In the last few months, I note that the local job market seems to be a little dull as compared to the year 2012.

Bear in mind, job advertisements – one of the leading indicator to the economic cycle by about 6 months. Hence, are we experiencing employment lag? If that would be the case, it is quite obvious with several other indicators such as delay in approvals and implementation of projects, we are moving away from peak and approaching contraction in the economic cycle. Nevertheless, our (reported) inflation rate went through minimal increase and now stood at 2.0% as at July 2013 (Source: BNM) prior to the announcement of electricity price hike and many more at the end of last year.

Sometimes I find it difficult to believe the number since it hardly reflect the real income situation of ordinary white-collar Malaysians like me.



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