Run If You Can

We are all dependent on one another. World of symbiosis. And it takes a lot of strength to walk away from those who does not serve your life any purpose other than pain. Who continuously beat you with their defensive behavior. Who only know how to toy around ones feelings. Who does not meant a word they said. Who perpetually shower you with empty and hopeless promises without guilt. Who shamelessly boast and brag of their goodness, how angelic they are, how pure and genuine their intentions are. Who treat you like an option rather than priority. Who has no sense of responsibility towards their actions. Who only come to you when they need something from you.

I thought I could open up my life but instead I realised the invisible wall surrounding me gets higher and thicker, stronger than concrete. People ran away as they learned about my family. How complicated it gets. I imagined if my family would have been one of those influential people with money and social status, these people would have stick to me stronger than the UHU Glue. Even if I have no respect for them. Even if I treat them like an object instead of human.

This is the reality of life. Nobody wants to get caught in a tough complicated situations. Escape if you can. As for me, this is my family, we may not be rich now but I will ensure we will soon.



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