Hello 2014

I couldn’t do much this week. The pain of tooth extraction is giving  a discomfort feeling and would rather be in bed. Started my year with a steady run. Honestly, I have never thought I could run. Never underestimate our own capability.

It’s good to have readers leaving comments. Subconsciously, I feel like there is someone out there trying to understand me by digesting my trashy posts. I never liked to be defined by the word of others but it is never wrong to reflect on them. Could I be a bad actor? How did I do that when I was younger? So I was a better actor back then than now? If love is part of the survival kit, how did I survived all these days? Maybe love from my parents, sibling, friends etc. Well there could be a little dosage of truth in which that we can never truly be honest in relationship. Otherwise, you’ll get beat up. All I know the search for love is (definitely) emotionally exhaustive.

So here is the list of things to-do this week:

– Enroll in a swimming class.

– Resume Salsa.

– Discuss with my bosses on golfing. But I don’t think I would enjoy it.

– Register marathon.

Oh I do notice I have a secret reader from a land far far in Europe. Hello there! I know you are reading this.


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