Diversion Of Two Stories

In my 20s, I had a different view on Sex and The City. I thought they were fabulous, independent and carefree. Eventually, my perception on the series changed as I entered 30. I realised that they are bunch of empty lonely four souls. Hopping from one man to another. Searching for the ONE. Is it because I could relate to them better now as opposed to when I was 20 and thought I had the time of world to settle down.


When someone pointed out that my biological clock’s ticking. I wonder if that would be part of their tactics to make single woman like me to feel desperate for a companionship. I think these people need to employ better techniques in attracting woman. Yes, I love my niece to death. I am obsessed with her but that doesn’t mean I want to have my own kids. Like seriously, why should I even care about my biological clock giving siren when I don’t think I want a kid of my own. I doubt I have the capability to be a good mom. It is indeed funny how people create all these assumptions hoping that you would fear to be on your own, by yourself and randomly grab any opportunity in front of you without much thought. Everyone is responsible for their own life. Nobody should be blamed by then.



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