I Saw The Sign

In my religion, we normally pray 5 times a day. I was never the kind who seems to be bothered about all these until a year ago. Some of the experience I went through has brought me closer to my faith. Indeed, I wasn’t afraid to do and say the right thing as I new my intention was pure, besides being further supported with my prayers. As I started to pray, not exactly religiously 5 times a day (but I tried to), my life begins to move in a different direction. Having my career in place, surrounded by wonderful people, significant improvement in my financial capacity. I wasn’t sure if it was the prayers or somehow being close to God had indirectly change the way I perceive life.

What I began to wonder or can’t stop thinking about is that, there are also certain type of Solat that serves a specific purpose in life. If ones come upon a point in life, where they have to make a choice, apparently the Istikarah Solat would provide direction or indirect indication on the dilemma as part of the solution. According to people, the signs could come in ones’ dream or many other forms. Amazing but I am still looking for my signs or was I too blind to even notice them, being in the state of denial.


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