Facts-based Assumptions

With technologies, communication supposes to be simpler.

What happen in reality, especially between a man and a woman, it eventually becomes a basis to conclude assumptions. Or better we call it ‘Fact-based assumptions’.

My conversation with S found that in those days, when the mode of communication was limited. We draw assumptions based on our own perception.

Nowadays, let’s take an example Whatsapp..

I texted him at 10am..

11am no reply

12 noon no reply

1 noon still nothing

2 noon I checked his last seen status at shortly before 2 noon..

So why hasn’t he reply? If he could be online shortly before 2 noon, which means he has seen and read my message.

Hence, the assumptions that I will be making would be purely based on the above situation.


another situation we discussed,

I texted him at 10am

11 am quiet

12 noon nothing

So I log in Facebook and he just liked a picture and commented on a status.

If he was busy, how could he has time for all these nonsense, yet put me in the waiting list to be responded.

You, me and technologies.



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