Meet Sully

Let’s rewind a little bit and go back to the day before Valentines. My colleague was on leave. Hence, Mr. Cowboy has no other option but to take me to the meeting. In the last few months, I have been hearing his name from Cowboy. That day I came face to face with him. I saw him browsing through the iPad and I asked – what’s for Valentines. He philosophically answered – Once shall not wait til Valentines to express their love and blablablablabla *can’t be bothered to listen to him anymore*. After the meeting, we hung out and I recommended him my favorite movie – Perks of Being A Wallflower. He had his driver sending me back to the office.

A week later, again my colleague was on medical leave and I hopped in to help with her project. So Sully and I met again, led to another week of whatsapp-ing, which ended with a movie. Speaking of the movie. Never get yourself fooled by the trailer. My comments on Cloud Atlas –>*yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..I believed we both pretended to enjoy the movie. Deep inside we were suffocating from the long-winding mind-raping Sci-Fi show.

Cloud Atlas – Yes it’s complicated!


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