It’s been awhile since I scribbled my feelings and thoughts here. I remembered my old blog, mixed with colorful feelings – happiness, frustration, disappointments and anger, before I suspended the account.

2013 definitely a strange year. It’s June now. In the last 6 months:

  • Begins with ignoring somebody that he got extremely emotional. It was indeed awkward since he was never constantly present in my life. Nevermind, work comes first.
  • Impromptu plan climbing up Broga. Never have I thought I would enjoyed climbing and hiking.
  • Then came our fun mind-boggling  treasure hunt to Penang.
  • Followed by another heart-break. What was I expecting? This time I did not cry when he left. Indeed I did not reply to any of his messages. Captain B was back for 2 weeks. Valentines happened to be in his 2nd week here. But we did not celebrate. He met with a tragic car accident on his way to Singapore for family vacation. That week I met somebody over meeting, day before Valentines. I will call him, Sully. The day after Valentines, I was supposed to meet Captain B for the bridge. Unfortunately, my meeting dragged til midnight. Couldn’t blame him for getting mad at me. It was a situation, where I had to wisely decide whether personal or work. Again I chose work and never regretted. As I re-called that day, he texted me after the bridge. According to him, watching the sunset reminded him of him and his ex and I shouldn’t be there. So, I shut down. He? Regretted his words. He thought that would make me upset. I gave my best and moved on. Work keeps me going.
  • I met Sully again the week after Captain B left. Heartbroken definitely. Nonetheless, calmer. One week later, he texted me for a movie.
  • A new CEO was appointed. Cowboy decided to leave. It all happened too sudden. Depression hits me for a few months.
  • Kickboxing requires a lot of strength and focus. To be relaxed.
  • Wallclimbing although I have always been afraid of heights.
  • Em-ceed for the first time in my life. The ambassador and a few other VIPs were there at HRC. Teamwork and preparation are crucial. Thanks to my partner.

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